Mootown Creamery - Berea's Only Homemade Ice Cream Shop!
  1. Order Online for Pickup!
    Skip the lines! Almost all our menu items are available for online ordering. Order now and pickup at Mootown!
  2. Order Ice Cream Cakes
    Order a custom ice cream cake for your next occasion! Please allow 2 business days for custom orders.
  3. Delivery via UberEATS!
    Stay in your jammies and get ice cream delivered to your door! Place orders via the UberEATS app.
  1. Homemade Ice Cream
    Homemade Ice Cream
    Premium hard-pack ice cream homemade on-site using high quality ingredients. At least 16 delicious flavors served daily! Offering over 75 different mix-ins to create your own custom sundaes.
  2. Fresh Waffle Cones
    Fresh Waffle Cones
    Offering both Waffle Cones and Waffle Bowls, as well as chocolate dipped. Made fresh daily!
  3. Ice Cream Cakes
    Ice Cream Cakes
    Famous Mootown ice cream cakes for any occasion! Some available in store to grab and go, or custom order with your favorite ice cream flavors, mix-ins and toppings.
  4. Hand Spun Milkshakes & Malts
    Hand Spun Milkshakes & Malts
    Classic handspun milkshakes and malts the way you remember them as a kid! Blend in your choice of mix-ins with your favorite ice cream for a delicious frozen beverage!
  5. Slushees
    Available in a rainbow of flavors to bring out your inner child with this throwback classic icy drink!
  6. Smoothies
    Perfectly blended ice cream, ice, and your choice of fruit for a refreshing chilled beverage.
  1. Ice Cream Pies
    Ice Cream Pies
    A crunchy pie crust filled with your choice of delicious ice cream and toppings. A perfect party treat when a cake might be a little too fancy.
  2. Frozen Bananas
    Frozen Bananas
    Bananas frozen and dipped in chocolate and a variety of toppings, such as chopped nuts and sprinkles.
  3. Banana Splits
    Banana Splits
    Split banana topped with three scoops of your choice of ice cream. Topped with strawberries, pineapple, chopped nuts, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherries. Can be customized!
  4. Old Fashioned Floats
    Old Fashioned Floats
    Scoop of your favorite ice cream floating inside of your soda of choice. Top with whipped cream or additional toppings by request.
  5. Red Cedar Coffee
    Red Cedar Coffee
    Proudly serving Berea's own, Red Cedar Coffee! Add a scoop of ice cream for an over the top java experience!
  6. Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate
    Warm the soul with a rich creamy hot chocolate. Kick it up a notch with a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream, or your favorite marshmallow mix-ins!
  1. Cupcakes
    Inspired by our classic ice cream flavors, these cupcakes are the perfect delectable treat!
  2. Brownies
    Rich, dark and chocolatey, our brownies are sure to delight your taste buds!
  3. Take Home Pints & Quarts
    Take Home Pints & Quarts
    Stock your freezer with you favorite Mootown Ice Cream, so you can satisfy that craving from home!
  4. Signature Specialties
    Signature Specialties
    Mootown's In-Store Menu is full of Signature Specialties and Sundae options to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth!
  5. Mootown Giftshop
    Mootown Giftshop
    Dozen of ice cream inspired gift items to take home! Everything from t-shirts, ice cream scoops, banana split scented candles, to gift certificates!
  6. Ice Cream Cookies
    Ice Cream Cookies
    A scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two chunky cookies. Comes in a variety of cookie flavors including; chocolate chip, sugar cookie and dark chocolate.
Daily Ice Cream Flavors
Current Seasonal Flavors

New for Valentine's Day!

Red Velvet

               Holiday Flavors!

Apple Cobbler


Egg Nog

Peppermint Stick